About Us

A little story:

A long time ago (circa 2001) I decided to open a gift store in Fort Worth TX. A newly single mom, I naturally wanted my store to be a success and I definitely listened to what my customers were asking me to stock.

Many things I found at the local Dallas Market, but some...were hard. You see, a lot of products for bath & body (not to mention home fragrance) have protected territories, or were very expensive (to stock and to sell) and for a new little store...well, it just didn't add up.

After time, I got frustrated with the lack of quality and the choices that were available to me. I've always been a creative. I used to sew my clothes when I was in high school. I knit, crochet, do stained glass & more and so I thought 'how hard can it be?' and dove right in.

Only to find, that yes, it is MUCH harder than I thought. And also much more expensive. But, I was already addicted to the idea of making unique and quality products. AND, I'd also already noticed that what I was making and stocking were very popular. Customers quickly bought me out of my products and were asking for more. More scents, more choices and I listened.

One product (Jar Candles) lead to more, and before long, I was making over 750 different products (If you count scents). In 2008, due to the economy tanking a bit, I decided to close the store. But I didn't close up shop entirely. I just moved my handmade business online. First to my website, then to Etsy and finally to Amazon Handmade, too.

Now, truthfully I'd love to have a storefront again. There's actually nothing more rewarding to help someone find that perfect gift for someone or watch them fall in love with a new fragrance. But for now, that's only a dream. I'm still making the very best that I can with the very best ingredients that I can source. Unlike some shops, I do custom blend fragrances. I create my product recipes out of natural oils & butters. I strive to make everything as wonderful as possible.


I like to say that if my products aren't good enough for my family, they aren't good enough for yours. And that goal keeps me motivated to do better each & every day.

I hope you find some amazing products that you will adore. I encourage you to check out my feedback on Etsy (where I've been since 2009) and as always, let me know if you have any questions. I'm still a one woman shop. But I do care about your happiness and your business. Let me know if you have any questions & thank you for your time!

Cari, Owner/Coquette Bath & Home™