Tips & Tricks

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Soap is a fairly simple product. You know how to use it but what you may not know is that aging soap (curing it) is essential for the longest use possible. All soap sold is able to be used immediately upon receipt. But to get even more out of your purchase, may I suggest that you let it sit a few months? The longer the soap cures, the more water evaporates and that creates a harder bar. A hard bar still produces oodles of amazing lather, but doesn't dissolve as fast. While older soap may lose some of the 'sniff' aroma, I've always thought that the extra use more than made up for it. Some of my customers have told me that they tuck their new soaps into their lingerie or sock drawers and enjoy them as a sachet until their time in the tub or shower.


Candles: Jar or Tinned

Anything that burns needs your attention. Both Jar and Tinned (travel) candles are great for scenting your world and freshening up spaces, but please always burn on a heat tolerant surface and away from flammable items such as drapes/curtains, decorations etc. Little folks (and furry ones) should be watched. Hot wax and may cause burns. Of course, fire is fire. Jar candles are poured in glass, and glass of course is breakable, so I've never recommended their use in bath or poolside where broken glass may not be immediately visible.

If you drop a candle, even if it doesn't look broken or cracked, please throw it away. You may not see the hairline fractures in the glass but heating the glass may cause the candle to break. If you must burn, then please consider placing the candle in a decorative ceramic candle container. I personally always burn every candle in the one I have...about 12" tall' with pieced holes in the sides to let the flickering light out. I just like the ambiance.

Of course, always trim the wick to 1/2" before each burn. And, to avoid tunnelling, please allow the melted wax to touch the sides of the container before extinguishing the flame. For most candles that is 1 hour per inch of width so for my tinned candles, that is about 2.5 hours max. And for my jar candles, it would be 3 hours. Burning for a shorter period of time may not melt the wax on the sides.

Candle warmers. Recently, a lot of people have told me that they don't burn candles but place them on a candle warmer, instead. To me that's a bad idea. The why is simple. A melter like that melts the entire jar. That releases all of the fragrance in the candle. So, after a few melts you'll find that you have a jar still mostly full of wax but the wax has no scent. When a candle burns, only a bit is melted at a time so the jar (if properly made like mine) will have scent all the way through. But if you melt it, and allow the fragrance to escape in a big will be left with a nearly full jar that smells like...nothing much. 

So, don't use them for a fresh candle. BUT when you get to the bottom of the candle (say 1" left) that's a perfect time to get even more enjoyment out of your purchase! At that point, chandlers (candlemakers) recommend that you stop burning for safety (heat spots on the glass). But there's still fragrant wax left! So peel off the bottom label and NOW use the warmer to get every last bit of fragrance out of your purchase!



Sachets are great. And likely you've already got a few spots in the house or car that would be even nicer with some fresh scent. But I'd like to suggest a few other spots that you could consider.

  • Luggage: I've had a single Lemongrass sachet in my main luggage for over 8 years now. And my luggage always smells fresh (not stale).
  • Boots: whether you wear them a lot or not so much, putting a sachet inside means for a fresher experience. (Obviously, remove before wearing!)
  • Sneakers: ditto.
  • Gym Bags/Swim bags: sure helps keep the funkier aromas from harshing your mellow.
  • Top desk drawer. Now, this may seem a bit interesting, but many offices won't allow you to burn a candle or melt wax. So having a sachet in a top drawer means you can just open it, and enjoy some aroma when you need a little pick me up.

These sachets are soaked in fragrances and most of them are also colored. Since the oil can seep out (especially in hot conditions like a car in the summer...) I recommend that you always ensure that the sachet is placed in a small dish or a stain resistant location.

These can be refreshed over and over again...see notes in my Refresher oil section below.


Refresher Oils:

How to use:
In an oil burner: Fill your burner vessel (tealight variety or plug in) with water. Add a few drops of my refresher oil. Now oil & water don't the oil will rest gently on the top of the water. As the water warms, evaporating into the air, some fragrance will also evaporate! The oil won't get hot enough to smoke (which not only causes some scents to morph into 'not quite so nice' but also smoking oils are the stage before flash fire...and you don't want that!) NEVER 'burn' oil without water! As the scent evaporates, you can add a bit more.

To refresh wax melts: as wax melts turn liquid, the fragrance oil trapped inside the wax evaporates into the air. Wax melts can only hold 'so much' scent or the plastic container can be when the scent is too soft, likely there is still a nice bit of wax left in your melter. What to do? Well, melt this wax again, and add a few drops of my refresher oil! You can keep doing this until the wax is gone. Then, pop in another melt, and repeat the process!

To refresh aroma bead sachets. You'll need a clean small glass jar (I like a nice jam jar) with a good lid. Untie the organza bag and pour the aroma beads into the jar. Add a few drops of the refresher oil, shake, and wait. Check back in a couple of days. If the beads look dry, you can add in a bit more oil. Repeat this a few times. If your beads turn oily, you've added too much oil. No worries, but do take care where you put the sachets until the oil dissipates.

More: Put a few drops on a ceramic light bulb ring (or diffuser stone) for use in the car or home.

You can mix oils to create special fragrances, too! Some of my scents are not going to be offered already blended, so you may need to purchase 2 different fragrances to create your favorite scents.