Chocolate Mint Lip Balm

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Flavor: Chocolate Mint. Like those cute little candies, this lip balm not only moisturizes dry lips but also makes your sweet tooth happier! Wonderfully flavored

My lip balm is smooth, creamy and oh so moisturizing. Unlike some folks, I don't cut corners on this balm. Natural Vitamin E (not the synthetic Tocopherols Acetate). Real oils & butters (that's you Sweet Almond & Shea!). And wonderful, renewable beeswax! Put that together with lovely flavor and you'll have a balm that will soften your lips and put a smile on your face.

More than 20 flavors are available, sometimes a whole lot more, and yes, some are seasonal. Any flavor with 'mint' in the recipe will contain essential Peppermint oil, so those flavors may be a bit 'zippy' but every bit as wonderful. And, most of my flavors are 100% natural, too!

.15oz twist up tube, the standard size you know & love. Shrinkwrapped. Choose one or choose more. You'll love them, and if you're thinking of a cute gift addition to a larger gift or a stocking, nothing beats a few of my lip balms! Multiple products are shown to better display labels & for artistic intent. You will receive 1 lip balm for every order made.


Note: I will be updating the labels on these products pretty soon, so if your order contains a new label...I'll be folding in the new ones as the older ones sell through. Still 100% made by me. Still 100% amazing, but will soon be wearing a new label.