Rose in Bloom Tea Lip Balm

in: Lip Balm



Flavor: Rose! A top selling flavor in many parts of the world, and top brands do flavor their lipsticks with rose, but even if this flavor is new to you, give it a try. I think you'll be happily surprised.

My lip balm is smooth, creamy and oh so moisturizing. Unlike some folks, I don't cut corners on this balm. Natural Vitamin E (not the synthetic Tocopherols Acetate). Real oils & butters (that's you Sweet Almond & Shea!). And wonderful, renewable beeswax! Put that together with lovely flavor and you'll have a balm that will soften your lips and put a smile on your face.

More than 20 flavors are available, sometimes a whole lot more, and yes, some are seasonal. Any flavor with 'mint' in the recipe will contain essential Peppermint oil, so those flavors may be a bit 'zippy' but every bit as wonderful. And, most of my flavors are 100% natural, too!

.15oz twist up tube, the standard size you know & love. Shrinkwrapped. Choose one or choose more. You'll love them, and if you're thinking of a cute gift addition to a larger gift or a stocking, nothing beats a few of my lip balms! Multiple products are shown to better display labels & for artistic intent. You will receive 1 lip balm for every order made.


Note: I will be updating the labels on these products pretty soon, so if your order contains a new label...I'll be folding in the new ones as the older ones sell through. Still 100% made by me. Still 100% amazing, but will soon be wearing a new label.