Sweet Orange Lotion Bar



Sweet Orange fragrance. Bright happy orange scent. Realistic and fruity.

Super Moisturizers to make your skin happy! Shea, cocoa butter, beeswax & more blend to create an effective solid lotion bar. Extremely concentrated, just a little bit eases dry skin. Solid formula doesn't spill so it is a great choice for travel or purse. Recommended for elbows, knees, hands and feet. And in all weather, though of course, when the sun is blistering, or the winds are downright frigid, it makes even more sense. This is my proprietary recipe, invented by me nearly 20 years ago. Other solid lotions do exist, but nothing like mine. The twist up tube works great, lets you stroke the lotion exactly where you want it.

Ingredients: shea oil, cocoa butter, beeswax, cyclomethicone, fragrance, natural vitamin E. That's it. Simply perfect!

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