Reed Diffusers

Scent where and when you want it, without electricity or flame! VOC compliant in all states, too! Does not contain DPG.

To use: put reeds into bottle and that's all! Start with 4 reeds, and add the remaining if you want a stronger fragrance. Each Reed Diffuser set comes with 6 reeds. Allow up to 8 hours for fragrance to travel up the reeds and begin to disperse into the air (but normally, it will be a lot faster!) Refills also available! Perfect for office, bedroom, or bathroom.

Caution: this fragrant liquid is for fragrance only. Please put where it won't be knocked over by a pet. Liquid can cause damage to furniture if spilled so wipe up any such spills immediately. Do not ingest! Keep out of the reach of small humans or anyone who may have cognitive lapses for their safety and your peace of mind. Each bottle lasts from 3-4 months with regular use. The more reeds--the faster the scent will wick up the reeds and disperse.