Cloves Nuggets™, Classic 2oz size

in: Wax Melts



Cloves: Normally you'd say that this spice scented melt would only be available during the holiday season. And yeah, I can see why. The warm spice scent seems perfectly suited to colder days. But you know what? I sell this scent every month of the year. So, I keep it in stock. Enjoy!

Colored in a dark brown shade.

Nuggets™ are my strongly scented wax melts. I've been making these for years to rave reviews. Wax melts (tarts) are a great way to add fragrance without burning or soot. And a great solution to bring scent to places where burning a candle isn't desirable or feasible. Simple melt in a UL approved melter and in a safe place out of reach of curious fingers or paws. Wax is very hot but cools rapidly when removed from heat (if you've ever had a paraffin manicure you know what I mean).

More than 100 scents are available, some seasonal. Each classic size clamshell holds about 2oz of wax. I say 'about' in that the actual 2oz line is a bit lower than I pour so you're likely to get nearly 2.5oz per package. But I promise at least 2!

Nuggets™ are also great mixers. Create your own special blend by putting a chunk of this or that into the melting vessel. That's something you can't do with a candle! Depending on the wattage of your melter (higher wattage are warmer and thus will shorten the scent time, but they get wax melted much faster), your Nuggets™ package should provide from 30-35 hours of fragrance.

Finally, hot wax does cool fast, but it also makes for a 'not so fun' cleanup so please ensure that your melter is placed in a 'non wobbly' area. I personally put mine on my kitchen countertop away from my normal food prep area. The stone counters are impervious to heat and if spills occur (never has so far!) would be easy to clean.

The compare photo shows my  Classic 2oz compared to the Mega 5oz package. Each one is ordered separately. While the Classic size are normally in stock, I do pour every order for the Mega size to order.