yeah, summer is here...

with all of the heat and bright sunshine. Lovely if you can relax poolside, but if you can't...(no pool at my abode, drat)...maybe add a bit of freshness inside with some new fragrances? I mean, I have a lot to choose from. From typical summery scents like Watermelon, Ocean Breeze & more. And new products too.

Fall will come eventually, and with it, a return to the darker days. So for now, enjoy the bright beauty of summer!


Here's a few of my personal favorites.

Body Wash, available in more than 10 scents, gently cleansing. Oval 'squeezy' bottle with dispensing lid for convenience. Also great for tub bubbles!

How about some lotion! Back in stock, All over Lotion. Incredible scents and packaged in a convenient jar so that you can get every last bit.

Lip balms remain a top choice for everyone, particularly this time of year. Just introduced my great BIG balms (1/2oz size) in 'never before offered' flavors. Time to stock up! Cold weather is here and getting colder by the day. Give your lips some moisturizing love!

Finally, sachets make places smell good! From your luggage (tuck one in between uses to keep it fresh, not musty or stale), drawers, closet, or the the car. The ones I make can be re-scented over and over, too! More than 35 scents normally available, and new scents added often.

Thanks for your visit! As a small independent business, I am grateful for your support. Since 2001, I've crafted the best products I can out of the best ingredients that I can source. I hope you find a few things to try and I hope you'll come back!


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