Jul 22

Went to the Bahamas once, and that 'Hot Hot Hot' seemed to play constantly on the pool speakers. Right now, wish I had a pool to dip in, because it is beastly hot in North Texas. Elsewhere, too, I hear. Was speaking to someone in the mountains...and he said his area was going to be nearly as hot. Well, ugh.

I get that we talk about the 'dog days' of summer, but triple digits are brutal. I remember a 3 year (or so) span in the 80's like this, too, though. 6 weeks plus of 100…

Jul 2

On my last post, I promised to do better with blogging...and so, it has only been about a month since the last one. I'm working on even better.

Today is Sunday, July 2nd. In a few days, we (in the US) will celebrate the 247th anniversary of our founding. I remember the 200th. The Bicentennial. July 4, 1976. There was a traveling group of artists/actors who set up a town park. Pretending to be residents of a town in 1776 right before the war. You were told you could talk them about…

Jun 8

I remember, a decade or more ago, that I had a blog and I barely went a few days without sharing something with y'all. Now, it appears to be quarterly, if I'm lucky. I keep saying that I'll do better, but really...I will. Life has been really chaotic in past months. Family weddings to plan. Roof to replace. Regular day to navigate. But that's what we all deal with, right?

So, I will do better. Pinkie swear.

Right now, as mentioned, life is busy. It is also…

Oct 1, 2022

Like many folks, I've been watching the news with morbid dread. I have always been nervous around big storms, but this one has been horrific.

Living in Texas, tornadoes and extremely large hail is always a threat. A tornado, particularly, comes without warning and leaves devastation in the wake...

But nothing like this. The swath of a tornado may be a few miles wide or long. The devastation of Ian is counties.  Right now, I'm thinking of those whose lives have been upturned…

Sep 1, 2022

Okay, this just won't work. Just won't. It has been....NINE MONTHS, since my last post.

seriously, I have no excuse...except...well (thinking of one, now...).


okay, I got nothing. Except a new promise to do better at keeping in touch.

Not sure how many folks read this, but I hope people do. Of course, I write what I write to let you know a bit more about me and my process. Putting more 'human' in the 'handmade' as it were.


So, what has been…

Dec 29, 2021

It is, of course, a few days ahead of the New Year's celebrations. But, feeling a bit reflective this morning.

Not sure how 2021 was for you & your family, but for mine...I'm glad it is nearly in the past. We had health issues (mostly me), job woes, car issues and a wreck (no one hurt) and similar. It seemed, for a few months, that we were constantly on a 'one step forward, and two steps back' theme.

Of course, life does that from time to time. It isn't personal, even if…