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Jan 25

Lately, around here, it has been cold. Like 'single digits at night, teens during the day' cold. Like...maybe you step outside and think you're in North Dakota cold (my mom was from a little town near the Canadian border and I remember her tales of walking through snow tunnels due to high drifts!)...

but this is Texas, and around here...yeah that is COLD.

I'm also not a fan of super hot. So, I guess I'm looking for my version of the old story...not too cold. Not too hot. Just…

Dec 7, 2023

I love Christmastime. Truly. I remember as a kid special moments going to buy the big fresh smelling tree, putting on the lights (and this is back in the day, and those big lights got HOT!). I remember laying on the ground, looking up at the ceiling, while splashes of multicolored light broke through the branches. An always new vision high above.

I loved the cold weather. The absolute NEED for hot cocoa on demand. Snuggly sweaters...all of it.

I'm quite a few decades past…

Sep 26, 2023

Summer is just lingering in Texas, this year. We had a record run of 'over 100F' days. And now, we're still going to be dealing with the temps north of 90F for a time. Cannot wait until colder weather comes.

As my dad used to say "You can put on enough clothing to get warm, but you cannot take off enough to get cool...." and then "and no one wants to see that, anyway."

Always found that to be hilarious.

At the homeplace, I'm doing some minor work in the kitchen (new…

Jul 22, 2023

Went to the Bahamas once, and that 'Hot Hot Hot' seemed to play constantly on the pool speakers. Right now, wish I had a pool to dip in, because it is beastly hot in North Texas. Elsewhere, too, I hear. Was speaking to someone in the mountains...and he said his area was going to be nearly as hot. Well, ugh.

I get that we talk about the 'dog days' of summer, but triple digits are brutal. I remember a 3 year (or so) span in the 80's like this, too, though. 6 weeks plus of 100…

Jul 2, 2023

On my last post, I promised to do better with blogging...and so, it has only been about a month since the last one. I'm working on even better.

Today is Sunday, July 2nd. In a few days, we (in the US) will celebrate the 247th anniversary of our founding. I remember the 200th. The Bicentennial. July 4, 1976. There was a traveling group of artists/actors who set up a town park. Pretending to be residents of a town in 1776 right before the war. You were told you could talk them about…

Jun 8, 2023

I remember, a decade or more ago, that I had a blog and I barely went a few days without sharing something with y'all. Now, it appears to be quarterly, if I'm lucky. I keep saying that I'll do better, but really...I will. Life has been really chaotic in past months. Family weddings to plan. Roof to replace. Regular day to navigate. But that's what we all deal with, right?

So, I will do better. Pinkie swear.

Right now, as mentioned, life is busy. It is also…