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About Us

A little story:

A long time ago (circa 2001) I finally fulfilled a dream and opened a gift store in Fort Worth TX. That year, it seemed everything fell into place with finances & time allowing me to make my dream into a reality. 

Most shops find their items at one of the big Markets. And, there's one of those in Dallas. I was actually a market showroom rep there so I knew how it all worked. Market is amazing, filled with incredible showrooms and so many different brands/lines that you had to keep careful notes.  And yes, I did find some very cool items to stock, but some categories were difficult.  A lot of products have protected territories, or were very expensive (to stock and to sell) and for a new little store...well, it just didn't add up.

Pretty soon, frustrated with the lack of choices that were available to me, I just started running queries on the internet. For one thing, I wanted a candle line. One that offered me a lot of scents, but prices that wouldn't give someone a start. I just couldn't find one. One night, probably pretty late after the kids went to bed, I stumbled across a website that sold candle supplies. And I thought 'how hard can it be?'

Short answer, it really IS much harder than it looks! Those first candles were...well, there was a lot of room for improvement. But I kept at it. Tweaking this. Trying that. And when I was finally satisfied that the quality was there, I bought them to my shop. Within a few days, I was utterly sold out. And that's a very lovely problem to have. Customers bought. Wanted more. And started asking me to stock favorite scents. And I listened.

That one product (Jar Candles) quickly lead to many more, and before long, I was making over 750 different products (If you count scents). I invented my lotion bar & lip balm recipes (that I still use today). I learned how to make soap...and life was pretty fabulous creative-wise. But then came 2008.  If you remember back when the economy took a dip, and as a single mom, I needed more income for my family. So, I sadly closed the store and got a 'regular job'.  But I didn't stop making. I moved my handmade business online. First to my website, then to Etsy. You can also find my products on eCrater. Online is great. I can reach customers who don't live anywhere near a reasonable drive of Fort Worth.  But selling scented products online isn't easy. I do list the fragrance notes, but scent is just so subjective. Someone will adore a fragrance and the next person will go 'yeah okay'...but despite these challenges, I love what I do.

I still challenge myself. Trying new products, new scents, and more.  I'm still making the very best that I can with the very best ingredients that I can source. Unlike some shops, I do custom blend fragrances. I create my product recipes out of natural oils & butters. I strive to make everything as wonderful as possible.

I like to say that if my products aren't good enough for my family, they aren't good enough for yours. And that goal keeps me motivated to do better each & every day.

Wondering some? Well, I've had over 20,000 sales online since 2008...mostly on Etsy and this site. I used to do local in person events too (until Covid disrupted everything...) and those will come back eventually. Right now, with family weddings and other things, life is just too busy in the fall. Still wondering, well, you can check out those Etsy reviews (shop is CoquetteBath). My goal is always your happiness and making the best that I can is part of that. 

I'm a one woman shop. So, when the busy fall season gets underway, it may take me a day or two extra to get your order on the way. But that's because I don't cut corners. I don't ship anything that I'm not proud of.  I care about your happiness and your business. Let me know if you have any questions & thank you for your time!

Maybe someday another store will be possible, but until then, hope to see you here.


Cari, Owner/Coquette Bath & Home™


(psst, a few of the new things...circa May 2024!)