Welcome to my online store! I'm very happy you found me, and if you are a customer from Etsy or Amazon, thanks for stopping by!



I use PayPal to securely handle your payment. I never see your credit card information and PayPal has been a trusted (and reliable) service for years & years. You can pay with your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Or, you can pay using your PayPal balance. Guest checkout is also available (no account required).

Update: October 2021. Paypal is now integrated with the site, so you don't have to go there to complete your transaction!



At the old site, I used a 'by the number' shipping method. So many items bought equaled the shipping cost. That's the only way that site host would allow me to set up shipping and honestly, some of the time, you overpaid. This new site uses 'per item' shipping as most online business does. So, if you're ordering a jar candle you will pay more than if you order a perfume, for example. That makes sense. A jar candle weighs a whole lot more.

I still ship USPS but will sometimes use UPS for larger packages. A tracking number will be sent to the email you used with your order after your order is packed for shipment.



On my site, my prices are the same as if you saw me at a local event. Since all online venues (like Etsy or Amazon) take a percentage of the item cost AND shipping, the product prices are generally raised to cover this cost.  I also don't consider shipping to be a profit center (some folks do), but I do have to consider the packaging materials, boxes, bubble wrap, etc have a cost. Basically, I don't like paying shipping either (when I buy online), so I always keep the final total in mind.

Free shipping is never free. Every time you see it offered, the product cost is being inflated to cover the cost (some or all).



My newsletter has been on hiatus a lot longer than I'd ever intended. Life just gets busy and I concentrate on getting orders out more than figuring something interesting to write...but getting it back is a goal. If you'd like to sign up, please email me at info@coquettebath.com and put 'newsletter signup' (or something similar) in your subject line and I'll add you to the list. Newsletters will point out new items, new ideas, new scents and will also often have a special deal available only to you. The intention is to send out a newsletter every 4-8 weeks, depending, and you can expect a few more during the Christmas holiday season. I won't automatically add anyone to a newsletter list, and of course you can opt out at any time.

Effective October 2021: still on hiatus and since I'm about to have knee surgery, likely I will not get anything 'newsletter' out until 2022.


Events & In person:

Due to the COVID pandemic, my local shows in 2020 were cancelled (I'm in the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area). And in 2021...my right knee decided to wave a surrender flag. I may get back to local events in 2022, but that's still up for decision. If I do, I'll update this to include those dates so if you are local, or planning a trip to the metroplex, you can come & shop if you like. Nothing beats picking up a product and giving it a sniff! Also, my goal is another retail storefront (as well as maintaining this site) so obviously, if that happens...I'll let you know.


Social Media:

It may sound weird, but I'm not a fan of social media. My Facebook page has been unattended for years due to privacy concerns and while I do post and pin on Pinterest, that has always been more for me than about products. Even my kids aren't fans, so it may be a family thing!  Another goal is to start using my Instagram account, but right now, that's definitely on a backburner. If you ever have a question, though, please let me know.

Of course, my small business needs and appreciates your raves. I've always found that the very best way, honestly, to get publicity. You know, when you see/hear an ad, that the company paid for it and obviously, it will always shine the brightest happy light on the products being featured. If you feel the urge to tell your friends & family about my products...thank you. My business has grown a lot over the past 5 years (especially) due to the happy raves of satisfied customers. I've been doing what I do since 2001...this is my 20th year in business. And every year, I love it more. Thank you.