Welcome to my online store! I'm very happy you found me, and if you are a customer from Etsy or Amazon, thanks for stopping by!


I use PayPal to securely handle your payment. I never see your credit card information and PayPal has been a trusted (and reliable) service for many years. You can pay with your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Or, you can pay using your PayPal balance. Guest checkout is also available (no account required).

Paypal is now integrated, so you don't have to go there to complete your transaction!



Shipping is not a profit center for me. Costs, due to the pandemic and rising fuel costs, are rising, but I'm striving to keep my charges steady. Rather than use a 'by the number' method (which I did on my old site due to the inability of that host to handle calculated shipping...so many items bought equaled the price charged)...this site uses a calculated shipping. A jar candle costs a lot more (up to $11 each, by the way, depending on where in the country you are...) than a bottle of perfume. So the cost for a jar candle is more. That makes sense. And if you are buying lower weight items, you're paying a lot less than you would have on the prior site.

For candles, given that they are heavy, I do estimate based on the 'worst case scenario'. I'm in Texas, and fortunately that means that most folks fall in the same basic 'band' for payment. But because I do get orders from Maine, Alaska, Washington, Hawaii, etc, I do have to consider those states. Unfortunately, I can't add on a surcharge for some states. If, after I package up your order, and see a large discrepancy from what you paid, to what I've charged...I'll issue a refund back to your method of payment. Again, refunds will be most likely if your order is all, or significantly, jar candles.

I normally ship USPS (United States Postal Service) but may use UPS (that brown van...) for larger/heavier items. All in attempt to save you some money.


Here my product prices are the same as if you saw me at a local event. Since all online venues (like Etsy or Amazon) take a percentage of the item cost AND shipping, the product prices are generally raised to cover this cost.  I also don't consider shipping to be a profit center (some folks do), but I do have to consider the packaging materials, boxes, bubble wrap, etc have a cost. Basically, I don't like paying shipping either (when I buy online), so I always keep the final total in mind.

Free shipping is never free. Every time you see it offered, the product cost is being inflated to cover the cost (some or all).



My newsletter has been on hiatus a lot longer than I'd ever intended. Life just gets busy and I concentrate on getting orders out more than figuring something interesting to write...but getting it back is a goal. If you'd like to sign up, please email me at info@coquettebath.com and put 'newsletter signup' (or something similar) in your subject line and I'll add you to the list. Newsletters will point out new items, new ideas, new scents and will also often have a special deal available only to you. The intention is to send out a newsletter every 4-8 weeks, depending, and you can expect a few more during the Christmas holiday season. I won't automatically add anyone to a newsletter list, and of course you can opt out at any time.


Events & In person:

I'm currently still not doing in person events. The recent pandemic brought local shows to a halt, and then my right knee decided to wave a flag...so I had surgery. While I'm back to my old self, I'm probably never going to return to the high school craft show circuit as in the past. I'm currently working on a few ideas and if anything works out, I'll let you know.


Social Media:

It may sound weird, but I'm not a fan of social media. My Facebook page has been unattended for years due to privacy concerns and while I do post and pin on Pinterest, that has always been more for me than about products. Even my kids aren't fans, so it may be a family thing!  Another goal is to start using my Instagram account, but right now, that's definitely on a backburner. If you ever have a question, though, please let me know.

Of course, my small business needs and appreciates your raves. I've always found that the very best publicity is from happy customers posting their love online. People are smart, and it is pretty clear when some company is tooting their horn. If you feel the urge to tell your friends & family about my products...thank you. My business has grown a lot over the past 5 years (especially) due to the happy raves of satisfied customers. I've been doing what I do since 2001...and every year, I love it more. I have the best customers and you are definitely appreciated. Thank you.


Discounts & More:

Everyone wants a deal, right? I sure do. But as a small business, I also know that nothing ever is free. A company offering a lot of discounts just means that they have put their 'regular' prices where they get enough profit to offer you a deal. I don't do that. I strive to keep prices reasonable (and some, in fact, haven't had a price increase for 5 years or more...despite the fact that all of my ingredients are going up. I'm making less, but I just can't overcharge folks...)

For this reason, I don't offer, and don't have, discount codes available. I have been getting a number of requests for that, lately, but given the well reported issues with spam emails & such, I'm not going to respond to any. If you've sent me such an email, it isn't personal. I'm here to provide the best product I can, at a price that is reasonable for both of us. I appreciate your business AND your understanding.