Black Tea Solid Scent Perfume

Black Tea Solid Scent Perfume

Black Tea. Yes, this smells exactly like a strong brewed black tea. A perfect fragrance as it blends into your skin, creating your own special fragrance. You'll smell like  you...just maybe a touch more alluring. Top seller.

Solid Scent is a concentrated, solid form of perfume. Pretty awesome on its own, the proprietary recipe (mine!) allows you to not only place it exactly where you want it (much like my roll on fragrances) but also makes it even easier to blend a few scents together to make your own specific fragrance. Try Golden Amber with Wild Honey or Black Tea. Gardenia with get the idea. Each 1/2oz twist lid tin is filled with this travel friendly concentrated perfume. Great for purses, too!  Beeswax based formula melts into your skin when applied and lasts for hours.

Ingredients: Jojoba oil, Shea oil, Beeswax, Natural Vitamin E & Fragrance.

This scent is also available in Home Fragrance (wax melts & jar candles) as well as other body care items such as Roll on Perfume.

Note: Fragrances are photographed soon after pour. Some scents WILL morph color into shades that can range from golden, pinkish shades to even light browns. Some scents do contain fragrance notes (such as vanilla) that are known to change color. If the scent smells problems with use. But I don't put in added chemicals to keep this color change from happening, as I like to keep my recipes as natural as possible. Let me know if you have any questions, before or after your purchase.