Groovy Refresher Oil, 1oz bottle

Groovy Refresher Oil, 1oz bottle

Groovy. Blend of Nag Champa & Patchouli. Ours alone...pretty wonderful fragrance, too. Top seller.

Refresher oils. Full strength oils used to oomph up faded aroma bead sachets.  Or maybe add a couple of drops to melted Nuggets™ wax when the fragrance finally becomes softer than desied. Check the 'Tips & Tricks' page for all the recommended ways you can use these amazing fragrances. 1oz glass bottle. Oils are filled to the top of the 'shoulder' of the bottle. Note the disclaimer, below. These oils are not to be used except as specifically advised!

Bottles are filled upon your order. See the 'photo info' below.


Image #1 is what I call the 'scent photo' for this listing. That's designed to give you a mental 'sniff' of what this fragrance smells like or evoke a special memory to help you figure out what scents are best for you.

Image #2: a group shot of multiple bottles, showing off the different labels. Please note ONLY the first bottle is filled. The others are there just to show off the labels. I currently use blue glass bottles. At the time of this listing due to inventory issues compounded by the COVID 19 virus, some suppliers are out of stock of specific colors. So, I will reserve the right to substitute another bottle in cases where I can't obtain the one photographed. The volume will remain at 1oz. Since bottles are filled as you order them, I don't have a huge inventory of bottles to photograph.

Image #3 is the image of the label for YOUR specific fragrance!

Finally, not every fragrance will be offered as Refresher Oils. Some scents are complex blends and if I haven't started keeping a master bottle, then it isn't available. A master bottle is when I create a large quantity of a particular blend due to the need to keep on top of constant and large sales. Once a blend has a master bottle, I'll consider introducing them as Refresh Oils. Two scents: Groovy & Snow Flurries are two medley scents that already have master bottles so you'll find those listings available now. 



******These oils are NOT intended for consumption (they are NOT essential oils or derived from food quality ingredients). They smell great but they are NOT edible. For that reason, please keep away anyone (small children, those with cognitive issues, etc) who may try to eat these oils. Similarly, these oils are not to be put in your bathwater, rubbed on your skin or used for massage. While some scents are part of my body collection, they are always properly diluted in accordance with the scent's IFRA requirements. Please do not use these for any thing other then the intended purposes I clearly list in this listing, and in the 'Tips & Tricks' page on this site. If the oils are accidentally ingested, please contact your local Poison control or physician for immediate attention. If oils do come in contact with your skin, please wash your skin thoroughly and evaluate for possible skin issues. These notes are not intended to frighten, and over the years, when making product, oils have touched my skin on multiple occasions with no bad results. Of course, I always immediately wash the affected area and take care and I've never had any adverse reaction. However, not everyone is the same, and skin sensitivity also varies. Your safety is paramount, so please be cautious when handling, and as mentioned, always store in an area where they are not accessible by anyone who may consider these to be food or a play thing.*******