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Irish Coffee Tinned Candle

Irish Coffee Tinned Candle

Irish Coffee. Whiskey plus black coffee...classic.

Tinned or Travel candles are amazing things. First, of course, each tin is filled with wonderfully scented wax that will fill your world with delightful fragrance. Candles are the classic choice for home fragrance.  But these have even more to offer. Consider a tinned candle if you like to burn candles in the bathroom or poolside. The nonrust tin (made from steel) won't shatter so you don't have to worry about glass invading your water world. Available in every home fragrance scent that is offered, each candle is custom poured to your order.

These tins are specially designed for candles with little 'feet' that lift them off the surface allowing for air circulation (and reducing the chance for hot spots). Even so, please burn responsibly by placing on a nonflammable surface and away from anything that may blow over such as drapes, decorations or clothing. Also, keep out of the reach of children, those with cognitive issues or curious pets.

6oz by volume. Lead free wicks, of course. Each candle burns from 27-32 hours in our testing.