Mystic Roll On Perfume

Mystic Roll On Perfume

Mystic is a blend of woodsy notes, soft florals and more. The name actually came when I was brainstorming what to call this amazing fragrance. And I blurted out, 'well it smells mystical' and it stuck. Try some and see for yourself.

1/3oz glass roller ball bottle. This allows you to put the fragrance exactly where you want it. On your pulsepoints, for sure. A dab here or there, and you smell amazing.

Concentrated formula (25-30%) so you use less to smell amazing. Each bottle features a fun black & white label and arrives securely packaged in a similarly label black paperboard container. A great gift for yourself or someone else!

Ingredients: jojoba oil & fragrance.

(multiple bottles and/or props may be shown in the photos. But each sale is for one bottle and props are not included.)