Purple Cow Lip Balm

Purple Cow Lip Balm

Purple Cow. Maybe this is a new flavor to you, but it reminds me of hot summer days when the ice cream wagon would jingle through the neighborhood. I didn't always get this flavor, but if they had it, I was always tempted. And what's not to love? Purple (grape) and vanilla ice cream. Sometimes blended together. Sometimes, layered. Regards of how, it was always delicious. This lip balm is that amazing flavor. Maybe it will remind you of simpler days, too.

Emollient rich lip balm crafted from my recipe, not a base bought from some big company (yes, some people actually do that...) and merely flavored for you. NOPE, I created this lip balm nearly 20 years ago (wow, time flies...) and it still is the best.

Of course, you could be thinking 'the best?' but I know I'll convert you to a believer.  This balm contains 3 different emollients: Sweet Almond Butter, Shea Oil & Castor Oil. It glides on creamy smooth and lasts. No watery balm that needs reapplication often. Some major maker brands actually include ingredients designed to slightly irritate, so that you'll use even more. Not here. Never.

Each balm is flavored. .15oz twist up tube (the standard size you already know). Shrinkwrapped for freshness. No artificial color.

Ingredients: beeswax, sweet almond butter, shea oil, natural Vitamin E, castor oil, and flavor. Simply perfect.  


Multiple images are shown for artistic photography purposes. Each sale is for a single tube.