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Tranquility Sachets, 2pc package

Tranquility Sachets, 2pc package

Tranquility. Relaxing spa fragrance.

One of my personal favorite scents. Very spa. Very relaxing blend of herbal notes along with fresh water and a touch of floral. Packaged in bright turquoise organza bags.

Each purchase is for 2 sachets packaged in a clear plastic pillow box. I strive to package each scent in the same color organza bag, time after time, but if out of stock of one color, I will sub a similar. Each sachet is crafted from aroma beads, little polymer beads that soak up about 30% of their weight in fragrance, slowly dispersing it over time. Finally, I keep all listed scents in constant rotation. That means that I have some packaged for sale and some waiting to be packaged and still more in manufacture. If out of already packaged sachets, no worries. Generally a day or two and I have them again. Any order containing sachets, however, may be delayed a few days if one or more of your choices is in the manufacture zone. Drop me a line if you have any questions prior (or after) purchase.

To use: just place a sachet where you want a bit more freshness. Maybe in your lingerie drawer. Tuck one into your sneakers to keep them fresh (boots too). Put them in your car, in the desk drawer in your office, or even in luggage to banish the stale smell between travels. They work great in gym bags, too!

Sachet lifespan depends on where you put it, and how much heat is in the area. In a hot car in Texas during the summer...maybe 6 weeks. In your luggage? Well, I personally have a Lemongrass sachet that has been in my luggage for nearly 8 years now. Every time I open it up to pack for a trip, the soft fragrance is there. Keep in mind, too, that you can re-scent these and use them over and over. And yep, I sell the Refresher Oils, too!

Sachets are filled by hand, not weight. Since the individual bags are sewn (and not by me) bag sizes may vary somewhat. I buy a 3x4 bag from my main supplier but do notice that some shipments are bit different than others.

Great for gifts. And I'm sure you'll find many uses for these, even more than I mentioned. One final note, some packages will look a bit oily...due to shipment heat. In those cases (for sure) and just as a general rule, don't put these on surfaces that are porous such as wood, fabric, carpet or similar. The fragrance may move beyond the bag (and since the sachets are will the colorant..and will stain porous surfaces).