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And it is hot, hot, hot...

July 22, 2023

Went to the Bahamas once, and that 'Hot Hot Hot' seemed to play constantly on the pool speakers. Right now, wish I had a pool to dip in, because it is beastly hot in North Texas. Elsewhere, too, I hear. Was speaking to someone in the mountains...and he said his area was going to be nearly as hot. Well, ugh.

I get that we talk about the 'dog days' of summer, but triple digits are brutal. I remember a 3 year (or so) span in the 80's like this, too, though. 6 weeks plus of 100+ temps. Not fun. Not fun at all.

So, it is hot (I guess we've got that covered) so what to do? Well, if you are a lucky one, you have a pool to dip into. With you in being around water. If you are like me, though, where a garden hose may be the only resort for outside, well, you do what you can.

Believe it or not, though, I'm already thinking fall. Like most retail, you have to get stuff ordered & sorted out in enough time to get it made, photographed & listed. What's on the agenda for fall?

Well, I have a few new scents coming. Including one called, simply enough, Hello Fall! The picture above should help with that vibe. Still working on the blend, but the end result will be (hopefully) a scent that reminds you of cooler days with crispy leaves underfoot, the smell of pine and spruce, along with a rush of spice, pumpkin & berries. Can't wait for the blend to be figured out. Takes me a little time, because I try 3 or 4, let them sit a few days, choose my favorite and then...sometimes, I start over again.

New products have already been listed, such as my  All Over Lotion and Body Butter. Both with an eye to keeping your skin soft and comfortable during the cooler days. Each comes (right now) in a minimum of 10 fragrances, including Plumeria, Tuxedo and Raspberry Vanilla.


I keep trying new things around here. Mainly because innovation is part of what I love to do. Partly because, I'm never satisfied. Hope you find a few goodies that make your world a bit nicer. And remember, I'm always just an email away.