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Goldilocks weather days

January 25, 2024

Lately, around here, it has been cold. Like 'single digits at night, teens during the day' cold. Like...maybe you step outside and think you're in North Dakota cold (my mom was from a little town near the Canadian border and I remember her tales of walking through snow tunnels due to high drifts!)...

but this is Texas, and around here...yeah that is COLD.

I'm also not a fan of super hot. So, I guess I'm looking for my version of the old story...not too cold. Not too hot. Just right! Well, as January ends and we get closer to April (when we can relax and know we have some fairly comfortable days without any worry of ice storms...) I'm already dreaming of warmer weather and summer scents.

One of the reasons I just batched out a lot of 'summer scents' in soap, I guess! Strawberry Lemonade, Fresh & Clean, Rain Drops...all bring me back to the fresh and cool spring time vibe.

Right now, that's so very welcome.


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