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Merry Merry is just around the corner...

December 07, 2023

I love Christmastime. Truly. I remember as a kid special moments going to buy the big fresh smelling tree, putting on the lights (and this is back in the day, and those big lights got HOT!). I remember laying on the ground, looking up at the ceiling, while splashes of multicolored light broke through the branches. An always new vision high above.

I loved the cold weather. The absolute NEED for hot cocoa on demand. Snuggly sweaters...all of it.

I'm quite a few decades past that time now. I still love the season though. The hope & joy that it heralds. The beauty of the decorations. Even the smallest space can get a bit of twinkle or a bright red bow. I always set up my tree right after Thanksgiving, and spend the next month (well, until the Epiphany) enjoying it. I love the packages and the gifting...because giving is the reason for the season, after all.

I don't like to delve into political thoughts here. But I hope this season provides peace, joy & love wherever it is needed. And in some places, that is needed very very much.

Wishing you & yours a most blessed season, regardless if you celebrate Christmas or not. Life for my family will get a bit busy in the next week or so with a family member getting married and all of that...and it is just one more thing to be grateful about.

Blessings to all.