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Back in the saddle again!

October 23, 2021

Or, my way of saying, that I'm back to a more normal rhythm. I have to say that no one likes having surgery (I had a total knee replacement) but given how bad it was...I think that this was the best possible decision. Now to get even stronger!

As far as upcoming info...well, I'm about to launch a product that I used to sell in my B&M store. Back in 2001-2008, I had a local gift shop in the Fort Worth area. I loved it. But while the shop always made its bills, it didn't always provide enough for this single momma to cover all of the necessary expenses of a small family. I closed in January 2008, and boy have I missed it.

During that time, though, I had a lot of products to offer. From aroma bead sachets (still have those ) to votive candles (mostly, that is a nope)....I likely had more than 20 different products across 60-80 scents, some seasonal.

I have a lot more scents than that now...but a lot fewer SKUs. But that's going to continually evolve. 2021 saw the reintroduction of 2 old favorites: Solid Scent (formerly called Solid Perfume) and Bubble Wash. Now, I'm about to reintroduce my Reed Diffuser products.

If you're new to reed diffusers, they are a great way to keep a scent in space. More on these as they launch (and that should be within a week or so).


But I wanted to say thank YOU to the amazing folks who wrote me and sent well wishes. It was (and is) always a wonderful thing to know how amazing you all are.