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Is it really (nearly) fall?

November 13, 2021

In Texas, where I am, it often seems that summer stretches just a bit too long.

I mean, we've had 80+ temps on Thanksgiving. Rainstorms dropping buckets on Halloween. And other completely unkind weather events at other days & times. Personally, I could love a land where fall lingers for a time, not for a few hours.

That's one of the reasons why I often update the front page of my site with a fall image in September! Sure, other parts of the US are likely already enjoying the crisper temperatures that (in Texas) are still months away (normally). But I love the color change, the cooler temps, the ability to exchange a tank top & shorts for long sleeves and cozy blankets.

Recently, though...the temperatures are moderating. I think we have one day with a projected 78F temperature high in the next week (yep, right before Turkey Day). Leaving the rest of the days in the 60's with a cozy 40 something temp at night. About dang time...

Hopefully your world is a bit nippy at present. If so, keep in mind that darkness can drag on your moods and even better to have some nicely scented items to put a smile on your face. Of course, I'm talking about my products...jar candles for scent (that flickering flame is so soothing...) and lotion bars & lip balms for skin happiness. But even so, take care of yourself and those you love. Eat nice things. Keep cozy & safe. And I wish you an amazing Thanksgiving.


Even if your day is 80F...(ugh). Here's one of my favorite fall images. Enjoy!