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Well, hello there!

October 06, 2021

First, welcome to my site. I first began making products back in the 2001 timeframe, right after I opened my gift shop.

The shop lasted until Christmas 2007. Then the tanking economy forced this single momma to close the doors and go into a little bit of store mourning. Anyone who has ever loved something knows what I mean. Even though a store isn't a person, when that's your dream, it is always a very sad day to know that the time is done. Along the way, the shop always covered its bills and normally made me some money. But Christmas 2007 was way below expectations (and of course, I wasn't the only one affected in the national malaise) and so the doors shut. And I went onto other things.

Such as, if you've come from my Etsy shop...there! I learned about Etsy a short time later, and have been making products & shipping throughout the USA ever since. And along the years, as business has built, I've been thrilled with your continued support. My customer ARE the  BEST. And yes, I did mean to shout! You are. Truly.

So back 'when' I first got online, I blogged. I love to write and I wrote a lot of stuff. Maybe I'll resurrect some of those old columns again here. Or not. Life, after all, always moves onward. And poses new challenges & opportunities.

One of which is my (not that far in the future) retirement. From the day job, that is. My goal & dream is to turn this little online biz into a full time paycheck. And maybe (whispering this wish...) another storefront too? It is, after all (since no one has yet invented 'scratch N sniff' internet) the only way to really appreciate fragrance. Your nose just knows what it likes.

But for now, I'm here. Making the very best that I can. Using US suppliers for as much as I can (from packaging (some of which I have custom made at other small biz throughout the US) to ingredients to labels & more. Everything I sell is made by me, in Texas, USA. I'm proud of what I do. And I hope you love it all, too.

So, thanks...I look forward to a long happy conversation with you.


Here's a few of my personal favorites. I always say that 'if my products aren't good enough for my family, then they aren't good enough for yours'. And I mean that. But I also have favorites...which items do you like?