Oct 23, 2021

Or, my way of saying, that I'm back to a more normal rhythm. I have to say that no one likes having surgery (I had a total knee replacement) but given how bad it was...I think that this was the best possible decision. Now to get even stronger!

As far as upcoming info...well, I'm about to launch a product that I used to sell in my B&M store. Back in 2001-2008, I had a local gift shop in the Fort Worth area. I loved it. But while the shop always made its bills, it didn't always…

Oct 14, 2021

Just a short note to let you know that I'm still in recovery mode. Due to a prior encounter with a drunk driver, my right knee had some issues. And I finally had to just handle it.

Of course, COVID 19 also came into play as last year nonessential surgeries were put on hold. I finally had the knee replacement last week, and I'm well on the mend. But, it will be another week before I'm likely back to shipping. If your order is in the queue, rest assured that getting these out will be…

Oct 6, 2021

First, welcome to my site. I first began making products back in the 2001 timeframe, right after I opened my gift shop.

The shop lasted until Christmas 2007. Then the tanking economy forced this single momma to close the doors and go into a little bit of store mourning. Anyone who has ever loved something knows what I mean. Even though a store isn't a person, when that's your dream, it is always a very sad day to know that the time is done. Along the way, the shop always covered its…